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Australian international border closures: It’s time to treat travellers like adults again Two bewildered officials threw arched eyebrows across an airless room high above the river Nile, six months after the irrepressible Arab Spring vanquished Egypt’s dastardly dictator Hosni Mubarak. But Egyptian visa anxieties didn’t land me in the viscera of the Australian embassy. WellContinue reading

Virgin to offer free flights for vaccinated Australians

Airlines are putting prizes up for grabs to encourage Aussies to get their jabs. Virgin Australia will join Qantas in offering free flights as an incentive for Australians to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Under the airline’s VA-X & Win promotion, there’ll be a major prize of one million Velocity Frequent Flyer points, “dozens of free businessContinue reading “Virgin to offer free flights for vaccinated Australians”

Government to trial overseas travel for vaccinated Australians

A ‘pilot program’ to begin in August would unlock international travel and provide further inducement to speed up vaccinations. Australians who’ve been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 may be dusting off their passports in the coming months under a trial program to be rolled out by the Federal Government. The scheme could allow them to travelContinue reading “Government to trial overseas travel for vaccinated Australians”

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