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STREETON EXHIBITION IN SYDNEY ( during our Feb 2021 tour )

The most significant retrospective of Australian impressionist artist Arthur Streeton ever held Arthur Streeton’s brilliant evocations of light, land and sea are amongst the most enduring and popular paintings for many Australians. His sun-drenched impressionist landscapes from the 1880s, joyful depictions of Sydney Harbour in the 1890s, and pastoral paintings from the 1920s and 30sContinue reading “STREETON EXHIBITION IN SYDNEY ( during our Feb 2021 tour )”

Venice holds back the water for first time in 1,200 years

Venice, Italy (CNN) — Sebastian Fagarazzi is used to moving his belongings around. As a Venetian who lives on the ground floor, every time the city faces acqua alta — the regular flooding caused by high tides — he must raise everything off the floor, including furniture and appliances, or risk losing it. READ MORE

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